As a denomination the Protestant Reformed Churches were established in 1924. However, we trace our spiritual lineage back to Jesus Christ and his apostles, whose doctrine is the foundation of the Christian church.

We call ourselves Reformed to indicate our close connection with the Reformation of the 16th century in which the church was called back to the truth of God’s Word by such godly men as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other reformers.

In harmony with the Faith of the Reformation, the Protestant Reformed Churches consider the Bible to be the sole authority of doctrine and life in their churches.

The faith and confession of our churches is contained in three creeds which Reformed churches of the past have formulated as expressions of the God-centered theology of the Holy Scriptures. They are:

The Belgic Confession of 1561
The Heidelberg Catechism of 1563
The Canons of Dordrecht of 1618-1619