….O LORD God of Israel, there is no God like thee in the heaven, nor in the earth: which keepest covenant, and shewest mercy unto thy servants, that walk before thee with all their hearts: 2 Chronicles 6:14

As King Solomon praised God for His faithfulness at the time of the dedication of the temple, today we have much for which to praise God. We too can pray, “There is no God like thee.” God has shown us that He keeps His covenant and is merciful unto us, His servants.

In 1988, God in His mercy and grace saw fit to bring us into existence as a congregation. It was a humble beginning. We were 24 families and 7 individuals. We had no land and no church building. But the Lord has richly blessed us. We have seen growth from within our midst and the Lord had brought us new members from the outside. Today we number 44 families and enjoy the facilities of our own Church building.

God has also been faithful in that He has given us that blessing after which we have named our congregation – Peace. While many live in turmoil and despair, we of Peace Protestant Reformed Church live in peace. We have a peace with God and with each other, through our Lord Jesus Christ. For Christ has saved us from our sin and united us as members of His body. We belong to our faithful Savior in life and in death.

We believe that all people as the creatures of God are obligated publicly to honor, worship, and serve the true God alone.

Since God is the Holy God Who is very great and glorious, we seek to worship God with reverence and respect.

The heart of our worship service is the preaching of the gospel, by which we are instructed in the truth of God’s Word for our faith and practice.

We worship the Lord in order that we might come to know Him better and that we might be strengthened and encourage to serve Him faithfully out of love and thanksgiving.

We believe that our children are the heritage of the Lord and therefore we provide catechetical instruction for them so that they learn the history and doctrines of the Bible.